BMS for E-bike

BMS for E-bike plays a key role in the FY·X technology field. As a supplier in China, they focus on providing advanced BMS solutions to improve the performance, safety and reliability of electric bicycles.

1. Technological innovation: FY·X is known for its technological innovation in the field of electric bicycle BMS. They not only focus on basic battery management functions, such as overcharge, over-discharge, and temperature monitoring, but also on advanced battery balancing technology to ensure balanced charge and discharge of individual cells in the battery pack and maximize battery life.

2. Product diversity: As a supplier, FY·X provides a variety of BMS products to meet the needs of different electric bicycle manufacturers. Their products cover a variety of battery types, including lithium-ion batteries, lithium-iron batteries, and more, while supporting different capacities and voltage levels to accommodate various e-bike designs.

3. Superior performance: FY·X’s BMS products are recognized by the market for their excellent performance. Through efficient battery management and intelligent control, their system helps improve the range and acceleration performance of electric bicycles, and ensures stable battery output, providing a safer and more reliable riding experience.

4. Comprehensive services: As a supplier in China, FY·X not only provides high-quality BMS products, but also provides comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services. This includes technical support, customized solutions, and timely after-sales maintenance to ensure customers are supported throughout the entire e-bike production and use process.

Overall, FY·X is a trustworthy supplier in BMS for E-bike. They are characterized by technological innovation, product diversity, superior performance and comprehensive services to provide customers with high-quality battery management solutions.

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  • Discover the FY•X 10S 36V 13S 48V 25A BMS for E-bike, a high-end hardware solution for E-bikes. Proudly supplied from China, this BMS ensures superior safety standards, with a robust 25A capacity. Trust FY•X for a secure and reliable E-bike experience.

  • FY•X is a 10S 36V 13S 48V 15S 52V 15A Hardware BMS for E-bike manufacturer located in China. Its unique battery management system provides reliable performance and safety for e-bikes. These BMS devices are designed to support 15A current, ensuring efficient energy conversion and long-lasting battery life. As China's leading electric bicycle hardware provider, FY•X is committed to providing users with advanced technology and reliable products to promote the development of electric travel.

  • As dedicated Smart BMS with RS485 Communication for E-bike manufacturers committed to excellence, FY•X ensures that these BMS solutions meet the highest standards of innovation and performance. Elevate your E-bike experience with FY•X's cutting-edge technology, offering reliable and efficient power management solutions. Choose FY•X for top-tier E-bike components that redefine your riding experience.

  • FY•X, a leading name among Smart BMS with CANBUS Communication for E-bike manufacturers in China, presents a cutting-edge range of smart Battery Management Systems (BMS) tailored for E-bikes. Explore our versatile selection, featuring the 10S 36V, 13S 48V, and 14S 48V variants, all boasting a robust 40A capacity and advanced CANBUS Communication capabilities. As dedicated manufacturers committed to innovation, FY•X ensures that these smart BMS units stand at the forefront of technology, providing E-bike enthusiasts with efficient power management solutions. Elevate your E-bike experience with FY•X's advanced technology and reliable BMS solutions.

  • FY•X, a trusted name among Suppliers, introduces a range of smart Battery Management Systems (BMS) designed for E-bikes. Our selection includes the Smart BMS 13S 48V UART Communication, each featuring a robust 16A capacity and advanced UART Communication capabilities. As Suppliers committed to excellence, FY•X ensures these smart BMS units are at the forefront of innovation, delivering efficient power management solutions for E-bike enthusiasts. Elevate your E-bike experience with FY•X's cutting-edge technology and reliable BMS solutions.

  • As the professional manufacture, we would like to provide you 13S 48V 25A BMS with UART Communication for E-bike.FY•X provides cutting-edge 13S 48V 25A Charge and Discharge Ultra Safe UL2271 Smart BMS with UART Communication specifically designed for E-bikes. As reliable suppliers, we ensure top-notch quality and safety in our BMS solutions. With advanced features and UART communication capabilities, our Smart BMS offers unparalleled performance, making it the ideal choice for high-end electric bike applications. Trust FY•X for innovative and secure energy management solutions.

In China, FY•X supplier specializes in BMS for E-bike. As the one of leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we provide price list if you want. You can purchase our high quality BMS for E-bike from our factory. We sincerely look forward to becoming your reliable long-term business partner!
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